Presentations, etc.

 Item Response Theory for Sentiment Analysis

Presented at:
NLP DC Meetup (March 2014)
Featured in Social Media Mining with R

I had a wonderful time speaking at the NLP DC meetup. A small venue that happens to be a bar, a generous host, and an attentive, inquisitive audience all made for a great experience.  You can download the slides (pdf), and I’ll be making code and example data available soon.  Also, I plan on doing a slightly more formal writeup of the method shortly.  If you’re interested in sentiment analysis and/or R, you should check out my book Social Media Mining with R.

Geospatial Outlier Detection Materials

Presented at:
Data Tactics Brown Bag (August 2013)
Data Science DC Meetup (November 2013)

I had the privilege of giving a talk at Data Science DC’s Meetup on November 21, 2013.  The experiene was great; sharp audience, friendly people, and a nice space.  Attached is a zip file with the slides and R code.  The AIS transponder data that matches the code can be found here.